Can you beat Dark Souls 1 cosplaying as Judeau from Berserk?

I've been reading & watching a lot of Berserk lately (red flag lol) and of course, like with any anime, I am drawn to those characters best described as 'pretty boys'.

Griffith definitely matches this description, and would be fun to cosplay in DS1 (any Berserk character tbh), but he's evil incarnate at this point and I can't help but play the goodie-two-shoes sort. Judeau also throws knives and his name is French.

DS1's character creator isn't anything particularly wild, so I made do.

I started him off as the hunter class cause of the leather armour & dex bonus. He received the only ponytail hair option w/ blond (sorry, "gold") colouring, and as close to a 'farm-boy' look I could get for the face. He's pretty lanky and could've done better shorter I think.

I also gave him the master key - partly because it will make my life easier, but he's also the sneakier sort. I could've gone with binoculars or the black firebombs and still been in character I think.

The hunter class spawns in with a sword and shield, not something I really associated with the character. I tried beating the asylum demon with fists but gave up after 12 damage. Racing through the asylum seemed more in character than a guts-style fist fight with a demon, even if the weapons weren't accurate.

Luckily, both throwing knives and a crossbow are in the undead burg and would make the next stretch of gameplay much more enjoyable.

It's my first time playing DS with a ranged character. People aren't joking when they describe it as 'easy' mode. It's very satisfying carrying around 99 throwing knives and just whipping them at anything that moves. You can also hold the crossbow in one hand with a sword which was unexpected but very welcome.

I'm not sure where I'm going to get more bolts.

Defeating the taurus demon was fairly straightforward. However, I got cocky and died trying to fight the second black knight, just before that pig demon thing. Falling to my death being chased by a big scary armour dude is still a little better off than being eaten by demons (through a little more cowardly). I considered this "not in character" and stopped the run for today.