Long term goals

I think that the existing Trotskyist tendencies (shameless IMT plug) have a pretty excellent perspective for world revolution.

I think that web developers would do good in lending their technical skills to these organizations. This means automating the spread of information, which are typically articles produced by each national section's press & internet memes created by comrades.

A lot of this is simple watching of RSS feeds and cross-posting content to various existing social media platforms that are popular. It's something that's easy to do but many organizations don't have the time, skills, or money to invest in.

I would be very interested in getting together with other nerds and putting something like a program to follow. It would help to have other comrades submit patches and contribute to free software devoted to this goal.

I've moved a bit on this. In the future, once this is a bit more worked out (and I actually have some software and a few comrades in agreement), I would like to formally start up Marxist.social. I've got a github account for it set up already and been working on the RSS aggregator and cross-posting to Reddit. There's a Twitter account too, but it's a stupid idea to go public unless there's something to actually share that's interesting.

So this'll be a dead idea for a bit. But I think it's my long-term goal at the moment. Can't think of anything better to do.