Beating Dark Souls 1 cosplaying as Judeau from Berserk is very difficult

The rats have killed me ten times.

I desperately want to kill things with knives, but throwing knives aren't very useful against demon pigs and skeleton knights.

It's not very effective

Hollowed shells of the dead swarm me when I enter hallways and I die, only to be reborn as one myself. I try again and fall off a bridge and am crushed by the demon pig.

After much struggle I decided it was perfectly OK to just run through the level to the next bonfire.

I've been staring a lot at the character model and I've decided I should've made 'em less slim. Oh well.

I wasn't sure where to go at this point. This whole idea was kind of half-assed in the first place.

After a quick flip through the list of enemies on the Dark Souls wiki I decide my goal is to be killed by a Burrowing Rockworm in the Demon Ruins.

I go down.

I was particularly excited to run into Frère André this run, who is of course Godot.

Godot was excited to see me. I upgraded the short sword once and bought a bunch of bolts for the crossbow. Or, I thought I did. I actually forgot to buy them.

I'd had a nagging thought for a while. Godot dies in the anime - so I wasn't sure if I would have to take him out myself at some point. Rather than worry about this, I figured he should just die now.

Godot kills me 19 times.

He's fast and got a mean left hook. He taps me once and I can't get away, his arm is at once both a cannon and an automatic rifle.

Every so often Godot will jump forward and slam me with a standing dropkick, killing me instantly.

I stab Godot in the back eight times and throw six knives at him. He calls me a backstabber and dies.

I take his crest and continue on.




I run into Bazuso and figure if Godot should die then Bazuso definitely should.

Bazuso kills me seven times.